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  • Secrets of a Successful Business Strategy

    Business strategy is the cornerstone of the long-term success of your organization. A well-chosen and well-articulated strategy is an immensely powerful tool for an organization. It enables rapid decision-making, aligns collaborative and siloed organizational groups, and facilitates the development of sustainable and productive organizational culture.  

  • Are You Fluent in the Language of Business?

    Far too many current and aspiring leaders tell us the financial “stuff” makes them queasy, uncomfortable, or worse. To help them make sense of this “stuff” and feel more confident, we take a unique approach. 

  • Owning Your Finances [Webinar Recording]

    If you want to thrive you must make financial literacy a priority, and that starts with how you manage your money.

  • 75 Stories- Linda Gorchels, CPED Instructor

    Linda Gorchels has served as a CPED instructor for the past 30 years teaching in the marketing and business acumen areas.

  • What’s More Important than Profit?

    Cash may be more important than profit. The more we align our decisions to help employees drive cash availability, to use cash wisely, and to generate more cash for the company, the better.

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Expand your skillset and enhance your resume with a professional certificate. We offer 10 different certificates in a variety of areas including Lean Six Sigma, leadership, business analysis, and project management.

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Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Professionals

Master the financial language of business while discovering how to make decisions that lead to financial success for your organization.