Four Project Health Vital Signs More Important Than Budget

If you are a project sponsor or project manager, you know how important project schedules, budgets, and stakeholder satisfaction are for project success. But there are other, maybe more important, variables that are essential for monitoring a project’s health. The DICE framework helps you measure four variables that are statistically significant for project success or failure.

Plan Your Professional Development: Download Your Certificate Planning Guide

You want to invest in your professional development and achieve your goals without taking too much time away from work, but where do you get started? Professional Development Certificates allow you to expand your business skills without disrupting your workplace.

Four Keys to Having Success with Agile

Agile project management can help project teams stay on track and be successful. During times of continual change, Agile project management can help project teams stay on track and be successful. Agile was created to embrace change and bring rapid value to your organization. Before you can implement the Agile methodology in your organization, you’ll need to gain organizational alignment in these four areas.

Some Obvious (And Not So Obvious) Factors That Lead To Project Success

Projects help to create the positive change or improvement that organizations wish to achieve. As a result, if you wish to be viewed as a successful business professional, it is becoming more and more important that you understand the variables that affect project success and failure.

Project Initiation: Identifying and Implementing the Right Toolset [Webinar Recording]

The six tools explored in this webinar recording will help you determine what “done” will look like to the most important stakeholders, what jobs need to be performed for it to be “done”, and specify who should be involved in the project.