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    At the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development, we strive to help organizations in the midst of a business transformation and individuals in the process of a professional transition achieve success. …

  • The Importance of Employee Conversations

    By: Mark Brewer The work of a manager revolves around conversations. Only through conversations with your team, your peers and work partners, and your own manager, can you influence productivity and engagement. Every responsibility that …

  • Engage. Coach. Develop.

    By: Artell Smith Not long ago, I spent time with a group of managers who had all assumed new management roles. Some had been managers before, but for most, it was their first time. We …

  • Becoming the Hero’s Coach

    By: Betsy Hagan It’s a rite of passage in most organizations that if you are at the top of your game as an individual contributor, you are likely to be tapped to take on people …

  • Blindsided: The Employee Conversations You Should Be Having (But Probably Aren’t)

    By: Betsy Hagan According to a Right Management survey of over 4400 employees and managers in 15 countries, 82 percent of today’s workforce would be more engaged in their work if managers conducted meaningful career …

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Expand your skillset and enhance your resume with a professional certificate. We offer 10 different certificates in a variety of areas including Lean Six Sigma, leadership, business analysis, and project management.

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