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    Why Should Health Care Transition to Value-based Care? 

    Value-based care involves all stakeholders including providers, hospital systems, and insurance organizations. We’ve gathered experts from each stakeholder group to share insights, experiences, and challenges they’ve encountered through their value-based health care transitions.

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    Insurance Industry Transformation is Underway 

    The insurance industry is undergoing significant change. Don’t let your organization be left behind.

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    Introducing The Insurance Industry’s Guide to Change Agility

    New interactive guide designed to help insurance organizations and leaders understand why and how to adopt more agile and customer-centric approaches to stay ahead of the competition and quickly changing market conditions. 

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    CPED Partners with CharismaQ on Executive Presence Program

    The partnership between Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development (CPED) and CharismaQ offers new executive presence program to help you become a leader your team wants to rally behind.

  • two teams of professionals building towers out of paper

    Key Benefits of Team-Building Activities 

    Team building is an important activity, but how should you approach it and what are the key benefits that should be pursued? 

  • group of co-workers with hands together

    Building Resilient Teams

    Resilience is a quality that allows you and your teams to recover from challenges and come back stronger. Resilience involves thoughts, behaviors, and actions that can be learned and developed by anyone at any stage in life.

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