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    Technology and Data Analytics Key to Combating Increasing Pressures on the Insurance Industry 

    Increased pressures from costs, customers, and third-party distribution channels are changing the demands on the insurance industry. The use of technology and predictive/preventative analytics will be essential for insurance executives to make smarter decisions.

  • What Trends Will Impact Banking and Financial Services in 2023? 

    A possible recession, digital transformation, culture shifts, and leadership training needs will provide both challenges and areas of opportunities for banks and financial institutions in the future. In a recent interview, Graduate School of Banking President and CEO Kirby Davidson shared his insights into current trends in the banking and financial services industries and what executives will need to do to stay ahead of, and benefit from, these trends. 

  • Culture and Hybrid Workplaces: A Q&A 

    Organizations should focus on creating Constructive cultures by closing any gaps between their Ideal and Current culture profiles. People of all generations believe that a Constructive culture should be expected to maximize effectiveness.

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    Overcoming Obstacles to Create a Flexible Physical Office Environment

    As organizations and leadership navigate the post-COVID business environment, those organizations who have team members returning to a physical office space have a new challenge to face. What does, and what should, the physical office look like? 

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    Partnering with Higher Education to Upskill/Reskill Your Workforce

    There are many reason you should choose to partner with higher education to address upskilling and reskilling needs. Some key reason include access to large talent ecosystems and subject matter experts, breadth and depth of knowledge, flexibility, and future focus.

  • Three Business Benefits of Inclusion for Financial Services 

    The organizations that truly understand inclusion are the ones that are thriving and growing. Inclusive organizations can see business benefits that reach beyond the benefits of a diverse workforce. 

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