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  • health care professionals talking happily

    A Look Inside the WHA Leadership Academy: Alumni Success Stories

    Three years after the first cohort of the WHA Health Care Leadership Academy, several participants have graduated and are incorporating what they have learned from the Leadership Academy into their professional careers. Three graduates from the 2023 WHA Health Care Leadership Academy shared their stories with us.

  • Two business women talking in a performance review

    Second Edition of Brag, Worry, Wonder, Bet Incorporates New Insights

    CPED Instructor and author Steve King releases second edition of his popular Brag, Worry, Wonder, Bet book, which looks at conducting performance reviews in a new way.

  • young black business professional leading a meeting

    From Contributor to Manager: Essential Skills for Success

    The skills needed to be a high performing individual contributor are very similar to the skills needed to be an effective manager. The difference is how the skills are applied.

  • computer generated image with letters AI

    Identifying and Mitigating AI Algorithm Bias and Fairness in Insurance

    Insurance professionals must approach the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning with a nuanced understanding of the complexities. It's not enough to simply build the most accurate predictive model – you must also consider the ethical implications.

  • notebook with graphic that says new mindset and new results

    Five Ways to Develop a Strategic Mindset in Business

    Developing a strategic mindset isn’t a professional aspiration but a crucial skill for navigating today's complex business environment. Strategic thinking requires a proactive approach, informed by anticipation rather than reaction.

  • group of business people giving a high five

    Leveraging Expertise for Organizational Success

    Experienced consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding that can contribute greatly to guiding organizations towards their cultural objectives. By leveraging a skilled consultant, leaders can navigate the complexities of today’s business climate to drive effective change.

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