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    Impact Your Team in Seconds with Positive Microbehaviors

    It takes only seconds to make or break a team member’s day. These brief interactions are called microbehaviors. Our microbehaviors have the potential to make an immediate and positive impact on someone else. Fine tuning your microbehaviors is not as heavy of a lift as you might think.

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    The Myth of Manager Vs Leader Is Harming Your Organization

    In the business world there has been a myth that managers and leaders are fundamentally different. CPED Instructor Betsy Hagan challenges us to take these existing opinions and ideas and reframe them for today’s business environment. It’s time to reframe the juxtaposition of management vs leadership roles. 

  • Embracing Constructive Styles for Organizational Success in the Era of AI

    While AI offers transformative possibilities for businesses, it can also instill stress and fear among workers.

  • a businessman coaching a professional

    Investing in Oneself: The Transformative Benefits of Leadership, Career, and Executive Coaching 

    To thrive and succeed, professionals at all levels are turning to coaching as a powerful tool for personal and professional growth.

  •  Customer Centricity Provides a Strategic Advantage  

    In today's business landscape, customer centricity has become the cornerstone of successful organizations. By prioritizing the needs, preferences, and experiences of customers, businesses can build stronger relationships, foster loyalty, and gain a competitive edge.

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    20 Must-Read Books for Managers  

    There are several resources that will help you grow in your professional development. Some of the most accessible resources are books. We compiled this reading list to help get you started.

  • A Fresh Approach to Health Care Leadership 

    Download our free guide comprised of articles and resources designed to help health care leaders identify where they should focus their leadership efforts and understand why these mindset shifts are important to them, their teams, and the organization.

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    How to Prepare for a Performance Review as a Manager

    Providing feedback can be overwhelming and preparing to deliver critical feedback to your employees can be daunting. The following framework will give you examples to prepare for your performance review conversations.

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    Three Key Insights for Frontline Managers 

    Steve King’s Conversation with a Manager: Stories from the Frontline podcast uncovered many great stories and advice from experienced managers. But there were three lessons that really stuck out.

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    20 Management Podcasts for Leaders and Managers

    Podcasts are a great resource for leaders and managers. They are convenient — you can listen to them almost anywhere at any time — and they are abundant — you can likely find at least one podcast on whatever topic you are interested in. 

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