Leadership & Management Development

  • Perspectives From a Manager Boot Camp Graduate

    individuals who receive formal training, such as CPED’s Manager Boot Camp, have a deeper understanding of the role, improved communication skills, more effective feedback methods, improved conflict resolution, and the skills to manage effectively during times of change.

  • Now is the Time to Focus on Upskilling and Reskilling Your Workforce 

    Business leaders, association leaders, and peer academic leaders need to collaborate on identifying, and filling, emerging skill gaps. This is your call to action.

  • 5 Ways to Encourage Strategic Thinking

    Strategic thinking may not come naturally to all your team members, but it is a skill you can help them develop.

  • Five Key Professional Skills to Enhance Your Career 

    Professional development is evolving from completing a course to a lifelong journey to learn and grow. Here are five professional skills that with a little extra focus and development can help enhance your career. 

  • Five Lessons for Executive Leaders  

    As we move to higher levels of the organization, it’s not always our job to make decisions – it's our job to make sure decisions get implemented. This takes intentionality and an understanding that our “value” to the organization becomes more difficult to see. As with the transition from functional expertise to leadership expertise, our value goes from short-term wins and projects to long-term strategies that increase value to the organization over time.

  • Must-Read Books for Managers This Summer  

    There are several resources that will help you grow in your professional development. Some of the most accessible resources are books. We compiled this reading list to help get you started.

  • Meet Our Solutions Advisors

    Our Solutions Advisors are experienced in partnering with organizations to diagnose and overcome business challenges through professional development programming, assessments, coaching, and consulting. They have access to a robust mix of instructors and consultants who can support your structure, processes, and people.

  • Retaining Talent in a Work From Anywhere Environment 

    If you’re dead set on having employees physically in an office building even if it’s not essential to your business, you’ll likely lose out on finding and keeping good employees.

  • CPED 2022 Scholarships Bring Deserving Non-Profit Leaders to Manager Boot Camp 

    The Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional Education & Development worked with several of our partners to identify non-profit leaders who would attend Manager Boot Camp on scholarship.

  • Are You A “Boss” Or A “Leader”? 

    Is your leadership style outdated, or are you well prepared to manage the evolving workforce? If you define yourself as a leader, you operate on trust and believe that people want to work, enjoy their work, and will do their best work in an environment of trust and accountability.

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