Leadership & Management Development

  • Why Mindset Matters in Leadership Development

    Mindset refers to attitudes, beliefs, and values which shape one’s perceptions, behaviors, and decision-making. A leader’s mindset can separate a great leader from a good one and an effective leader from a struggling one.  

  • A Guide to Successful People-Centered Mergers and Acquisition in Financial Services

    Two significant focuses of a merger or acquisition need to be the people and cultural integration of the organizations. Financial service organizations considering, preparing to start, or at the beginning of merger or acquisition will benefit from using this guide’s tools and insights to help set the merger or acquisition on a path to success.

  • CPED Welcomes Janet White as Health Care & Life Sciences Executive in Residence

    Janet White has joined the CPED team as an Executive in Residence focusing on the health care and life sciences industries. Janet has a strong background in the industry with more than 35 years of experience.

  • Group of diverse business people sitting at a table giving high fives

    Conscious Engagement Supports Belonging and Inclusion 

    Engagement not only affects an individual’s work and sense of fulfillment in a job, but it also affects our interactions with each other. Conscious engagement is about being aware of your motivations and behaviors. 

  • Evolving Health Care Trends Require a Mindset Shift for Executives 

    Jennifer M. Olson, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at Children’s Minnesota, shares her insights into trends impacting health care executives and what health care executives need to do to adapt to these changes and demands. 

  • Managing and Engaging a Multigenerational Retail Workforce 

    We've created a guide to help retail leaders better understand how to motivate and engage multigenerational teams. Download the guide for worksheets, expert advice, and more.

  • group of diverse coworkers sitting around a table at a meeting

    A Strategic Framework for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

    To effectively achieve our goal of adding DEI into the Wisconsin School of Business's DNA, we have developed a strategic framework, “A 360 Approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” which relies on three key components of knowledge, immersion, and aptitude.

  • What Trends Will Impact Banking and Financial Services in 2023? 

    A possible recession, digital transformation, culture shifts, and leadership training needs will provide both challenges and areas of opportunities for banks and financial institutions in the future. In a recent interview, Graduate School of Banking President and CEO Kirby Davidson shared his insights into current trends in the banking and financial services industries and what executives will need to do to stay ahead of, and benefit from, these trends. 

  • Culture and Hybrid Workplaces: A Q&A 

    Organizations should focus on creating Constructive cultures by closing any gaps between their Ideal and Current culture profiles. People of all generations believe that a Constructive culture should be expected to maximize effectiveness.

  • open office space with people working and collaborating at a table in one room

    Overcoming Obstacles to Create a Flexible Physical Office Environment

    As organizations and leadership navigate the post-COVID business environment, those organizations who have team members returning to a physical office space have a new challenge to face. What does, and what should, the physical office look like? 

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