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  • CPED 2022 Scholarships Bring Deserving Non-Profit Leaders to Manager Boot Camp 

    The Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional Education & Development worked with several of our partners to identify non-profit leaders who would attend Manager Boot Camp on scholarship.

  • Are You A “Boss” Or A “Leader”? 

    Is your leadership style outdated, or are you well prepared to manage the evolving workforce? If you define yourself as a leader, you operate on trust and believe that people want to work, enjoy their work, and will do their best work in an environment of trust and accountability.

  • The Challenge of Coaching Hybrid Teams

    Managing well, whether in-person or at a distance, requires the same skillset. You’ll need to coach, give timely and actionable feedback, set priorities, clarify expectations, protect your team’s time, and use one-on-ones to increase engagement, certainty, autonomy, meaning, progress, and social inclusion.  

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    Develop The Next Generation of Managers Through Past Lessons Learned 

    Each generation of managers will face their own unique challenges, but passing down best practices from previous generations will help management development now and in the future. 

  • Plan Your Professional Development: Download Your Certificate Planning Guide

    You want to invest in your professional development and achieve your goals without taking too much time away from work, but where do you get started? Professional Development Certificates allow you to expand your business skills without disrupting your workplace.

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    How to Identify Your Leadership Strengths

    Leadership strengths are different for everyone. Being able to identify your strengths, and the areas you can improve, will help you identify what skills you need to seek out from others on your team to make your organization its most successful. 

  • Setting Attainable New Year’s Resolutions

    By Kim Hegeman  As the calendar changed over to 2022, you may have made some personal and professional new year’s resolutions. When it comes to professional resolutions, they can be a great idea for people …

  • 75 Stories – Marybeth Bay, Chief Information Officer and Vice President at Quartz Health Solutions

    Marybeth Bay is chief information officer and vice president at Quartz Health Solutions and a member of the first cohort to experience the Chief Information Officer Digital Leadership program. 

  • 20 Management Podcasts for Leaders and Managers

    Podcasts are a great resource for leaders and managers. They are convenient — you can listen to them almost anywhere at any time — and they are abundant — you can likely find at least one podcast on whatever topic you are interested in. 

  • Driving Innovation and Organization Growth Through Inclusive Leadership

    n order to fully realize the benefits of diversity for both the organization and the individuals working there, it is imperative that leaders embody an inclusive mindset and exhibit inclusive behaviors.

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