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  • 75 Stories – Vicki Kampmeier, CPED Instructor

    This year marks our 75th Anniversary. To celebrate, we’re publishing 75 stories about members of our community. Vicki Kampmeier has served as a CPED instructor for 18 months and teaches How to Influence Without Direct …

  • This 360° Assessment Can Transform Your Leadership Style

    Leadership Beyond Management is an empowering, interactive, and transformational program that gives you a clear and unbiased view of your leadership strengths and developmental needs. In this program you become well-equipped with strategies and tools …

  • Managing Conflicts Effectively in Teams

    Among the skills we develop in the Center for Professional & Executive Development’s Project Leadership Communication course are those skills necessary to manage conflict effectively. Specifically, we explore and practice scenarios in which project managers and other …

  • Define Your Decision-Making Style

    I was beyond excited to pitch my new leadership development program to my boss. As the CFO, I was certain he would share my enthusiasm and embrace the impact the program promised to deliver. After …

  • Developing ‘Soft’ Skills as a Leadership Strength

    I often chuckle when I consider that the skills of navigating difficult, conflictive conversations are seen as a “soft” skills set. Is it because they are so elusive to master and so “squishy” to comprehend? …

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How To Influence Without Direct Authority

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