Strategy Formulation & Execution

  • person holding a tablet in a warehouse looking at inventory statistics

    It’s Time to Rethink Your Retail Inventory 

    Consumer purchasing behavior is changing. As a retail executive you need to examine these changes, how you should prepare, and how you should respond.

  • What Trends Will Impact Banking and Financial Services in 2023? 

    A possible recession, digital transformation, culture shifts, and leadership training needs will provide both challenges and areas of opportunities for banks and financial institutions in the future. In a recent interview, Graduate School of Banking President and CEO Kirby Davidson shared his insights into current trends in the banking and financial services industries and what executives will need to do to stay ahead of, and benefit from, these trends. 

  • 5 Ways to Encourage Strategic Thinking

    Strategic thinking may not come naturally to all your team members, but it is a skill you can help them develop.

  • Secrets of a Successful Business Strategy

    Business strategy is the cornerstone of the long-term success of your organization. A well-chosen and well-articulated strategy is an immensely powerful tool for an organization. It enables rapid decision-making, aligns collaborative and siloed organizational groups, and facilitates the development of sustainable and productive organizational culture.  

  • New CPED Program Helps Leaders Facilitate Strategic Innovation

    By Kim Hegeman  It is no surprise that innovation is both the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity for modern businesses. To help leaders keep on top of innovation in their organizations, the Wisconsin School …

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