Change Management

  • Organizational Restructuring Fuels Growth at ACV Parent Company

    ACV Parent Company*  ACV Parent Company (ACV), a conglomerate of businesses across several industries and sectors, was experiencing significant growth through the acquisition of more than 800 business units with 65,000 employees and $18B in revenue.   Initially, ACV Parent Company’s strategy was to leave the acquired businesses as standalone entities instead of integrating them into ACV or across …

  • You Can’t Herd Electric Sheep: Leadership Post-COVID [Webinar Recording]

    Successfully leading remote and hybrid teams requires different skills to ensure team alignment and engagement. There are some leadership styles that can be detrimental when applied to a remote or hybrid team, and you need …

  • The Post-COVID Business Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make [Webinar Recording]

    There has been a lot of news lately on what returning to physical office spaces will look like. Organizations like Facebook plan to let their employees decide where they’d like to work. The company recently …

  • Developing a Culture that Supports Remote Work

    By: Shawn Belling Professionals all over the world have had to adapt to working virtually and adjust how they collaborate with their teams, complete projects, hold meetings, and more. As organizations plan to bring employees …

  • Introducing “Remotely Possible” – Your Guide to Remote Work

    The sudden global experiment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that remote teams are possible and effective when done right. Author and instructor Shawn Belling’s latest book, Remotely Possible, addresses the challenges and …

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Change Management

Helping your team members adapt to new realities and adopt new behaviors will ensure they successfully navigate difficult organizational changes.