Change Management

  • Don’t Change for the Sake of Change

    How to diagnose the correct change to improve your organization’s performance I just started working with an R&D team at a large packaging company that had fallen on challenging times. At one time, the R&D …

  • 3 Reasons Technology Changes Fail

    Imagine you’ve “gone live” with a new technology initiative. Success! You’re well on your way to meeting ambitious new performance goals. But wait, the issues the new technology was intended to change are still “live.” …

  • Is it Time to Review Your Organization’s Design?

    Have you heard the saying, “Every organization is perfectly designed to get the results it gets”? Unfortunately, the design is usually not the product of an intentional and deliberate process. Instead, organizations tend to evolve …

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Change Management

Helping your team members adapt to new realities and adopt new behaviors will ensure they successfully navigate difficult organizational changes.