Continuous Improvement

  • Creating Process Maps: Setting the Foundation

    Process maps are an extremely useful tool that can help you better organize your teams’ processes, improve communication, and achieve goals. In this three-part article, you’ll learn:  What makes a successful process map  Useful tips …

  • This 360° Assessment Can Transform Your Leadership Style

    Leadership Beyond Management is an empowering, interactive, and transformational program that gives you a clear and unbiased view of your leadership strengths and developmental needs. In this program you become well-equipped with strategies and tools …

  • When to Write Use Cases – A Checklist

    A use case has been described as a formalized story that illustrates how someone procedurally interacts with an existing or proposed system. Alistair Cockburn popularized the concept of use cases in his book, Writing Effective Use …

  • How Business Rules Complement Business Process Modeling

    I enjoy playing board games with my family. Perhaps you have some favorite board games, too. Have you noticed there are two dimensions to most of these games? The first, of course, is playing the …

  • Why Work Breakdown Structures Matter

    The foundation for any successful project is a comprehensive and realistic project plan. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a key tool in a comprehensive plan, and it serves as a foundation for many other …

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