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    Technology and Data Analytics Key to Combating Increasing Pressures on the Insurance Industry 

    Increased pressures from costs, customers, and third-party distribution channels are changing the demands on the insurance industry. The use of technology and predictive/preventative analytics will be essential for insurance executives to make smarter decisions.

  • Navigating Digital Transformation

    While challenges of digital transformation are likely easy to list, the opportunities also abound. But how do you get to that “digital promised land?” It may seem counterintuitive, but the technology itself is not the answer. At least, it’s not the only answer.

  • Your Organizational Innovation Questions Answered 

    In a recent webinar, Dr. Adam J. Bock discussed how to make innovation your competitive advantage. In this blog, Dr. Bock answers questions related to organizational innovation.

  • Why Innovation Fails 

    In the recent webinar, Make Innovation Your Competitive Advantage, Dr. Adam J. Bock talked about the challenges of organizational innovation and how thinking and approaching innovation differently could lead to more success and growth. 

  • C-Suite Are Enablers of Digital Transformation 

    There’s no denying that we are living in a new digital reality. Technology continues to evolve and innovate business, which presents both challenges and opportunities. It is also changing the way we must think about …

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