Innovation & Emerging Technologies

  • Why Innovation Fails 

    In the recent webinar, Make Innovation Your Competitive Advantage, Dr. Adam J. Bock talked about the challenges of organizational innovation and how thinking and approaching innovation differently could lead to more success and growth. 

  • C-Suite Are Enablers of Digital Transformation 

    There’s no denying that we are living in a new digital reality. Technology continues to evolve and innovate business, which presents both challenges and opportunities. It is also changing the way we must think about …

  • New CPED Program Helps Leaders Facilitate Strategic Innovation

    By Kim Hegeman  It is no surprise that innovation is both the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity for modern businesses. To help leaders keep on top of innovation in their organizations, the Wisconsin School …

  • Digital Transformation: The Business Opportunity You May Be Missing

    While there are myriad challenges facing organizations, one that stands out most is digital transformation.  

  • Introducing the Chief Information Officer Digital Leadership Program

    The Chief Information Officer Digital Leadership Program is an immersive leadership experience that will give you the business acumen to manage teams of talented information systems professionals, effectively negotiate and influence C-suite peers, and extract digital value across the organization.

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