Professional Development Resources at Home: 5+ Books We’re Reading

As summer ends, our summer reading lists are growing longer. We took a quick poll of our team to see what they are reading to further this year’s professional development goals. Whether you are a young professional or an executive, we know there is something on this list for you! 

Leave Your Mark 

by Aliza Licht 

This book is a favorite among our young professionals and understandably so! Book Authority featured Leave Your Mark as one of the “100 Best-Selling Career Development Books of All Time” and it was featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc. Aliza Licht’s book will help you “land your dream job, kill it in your career, and rock social media.”  

Everybody Writes 

By Ann Handly 

In the words of author Ann Handly, “Writing matters more now, net less. Our online words are our emissaries: They tell our customers who we are.” Everybody Writes is “your go-to guide to creating ridiculously good content.” Everybody Writes will not only help you write better; it will give you a list of resources to help you produce your best work.  

The Brand Gap 

By Marty Neumeier 

This quick, light read will change the way you think about building a brand – whether that is for you or your organization. Marty Neumeier cuts through the noise and gives you a down-to-earth, usable framework for building a brand and “bridging the distance between business strategy and design.” 


By Stefanie K. Johnson, PhD 

An organization’s ability to create safe, inclusive spaces has a direct impact on employee morale and retention. In Inclusify, Stefanie K. Johnson shares practical, action-oriented tactics to help you “find ways to encourage employees to be themselves while ensuring they feel like they are fully part of the group.”  

Diversity, Inc.: The Fight for Racial Equity in the Workplace  

By Pamela Newkirk 

Award-winning journalist Pamela Newkirk explores how, despite millions of dollars in research, the fight for racial equity in the workplace has been slow, and quite often, unsuccessful. Her writing highlights how “if we are to deliver on the promise of true equality, we need to abandon ineffective, costly measures and commit ourselves to combatting enduring racial attitudes.” 

Additional Reading Resources

In addition to these five books, we have a growing reading list from our instructors. We hope you can find one or two to add to your reading list! 

Purposeful Hustle 

By Deanna Singh 

A Smart Girl’s Guide to Race & Inclusion  

By Deanna Singh 

What Matters at Work 

By Harry Webne-Behrman 

Succeeding with Agile Hybrids 

By Shawn Belling 

Remotely Possible  

By Shawn Belling 

Six Conversations: A Simple Guide for Managerial Success 

By Steve King 

Brag, Worry, Wonder, Bet: A Manager’s Guide to Giving Feedback 

By Steve King 

Alignment, Processes, Relationships: A Simple Guide to Team Management 

By Steve King 

Prevention and Contingencies: A Simple Guide to Process Management 

By Steve King 

Master the Matrix  

By Susan Finerty 

Cross-Functional Influence: Getting Things Done Across the Organization  

By Susan Finerty 

Cross-Functional Influence Playbook 

By Susan Finerty