Project Management

  • When to Write Use Cases – A Checklist

    A use case has been described as a formalized story that illustrates how someone procedurally interacts with an existing or proposed system. Alistair Cockburn popularized the concept of use cases in his book, Writing Effective Use …

  • Managing Conflicts Effectively in Teams

    Among the skills we develop in the Center for Professional & Executive Development’s Project Leadership Communication course are those skills necessary to manage conflict effectively. Specifically, we explore and practice scenarios in which project managers and other …

  • Agile Estimation – Feature and Story Sizing Scales

    Agile practitioners bring differing points of view on their sizing scales for feature and story point estimating. It is important for scrum masters, product owners, and teams not to outsmart themselves when developing their relative …

  • You Can Stop Project Management Chaos Pt. 3

    Part 3: How to Balance Project Portfolios Read Part 2: The Enterprise Staging Project Pipeline Once the project portfolio has been defined and approved, it needs to be optimized and re-balanced for performance and business …

  • You Can Stop Project Management Chaos Pt. 2

    Part 2: The Enterprise Staging Project Pipeline Read Part 1: The Problematic Project Pipeline The goal of project portfolio management is to work on the right projects at the right time for the right costs …

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