Plan Your Professional Development: Download Your Certificate Planning Guide

You’re ready for more in your career. You want to invest in your professional development and achieve your goals without taking too much time away from work, but where do you get started? Professional Development Certificates allow you to expand your business skills without disrupting your workplace. These programs will provide you with real-world business tools and techniques that you can apply immediately.

Professional Development Certificates from the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development (CPED) offer you all of these advantages, plus you’ll get access to instructors with real-world business experience and the opportunity to expand your professional network with career-oriented professionals just like you.

To help you design a certificate path that offers immediate results, we created a series of certificate planning guides. These guides will help you outline which programs you should take and when you should take them. Additionally, you can use this template to set your professional development goals for the next year. We encourage you to take programs in whatever order helps resolve your immediate business challenges and professional development needs. Learn more about our Professional Development Certificates below and download a planning guide today. We hope to see you soon!

Business Analysis Certificate

If you are an entry level manager, a supervisor, team leader, or an individual who aspires to solve complex organizational challenges, the Business Analysis Certificate might be the right path for you. You’ll set yourself apart by gaining the skills you need to:

– Reduce organizational costs and increase revenue

– Improve efficiency and performance

– Perform financial and operational modeling

– Define business requirements

– Conduct market analyses

Download the Business Analysis Certificate planning guide.

Lean Six Sigma

Increase sales and overall organization success by implementing Lean Six Sigma practices. These principles will help you streamline operations, increase value for customers, reduce costs, and improve quality control.

We offer three certificate levels in the Lean Six Sigma Program:

1. Yellow Belt Certification: This program covers basic improvement procedures and strategies to decrease waste, as you address quality, cost, and response-time challenge. This program must be completed first to move on in the program.

2. Green Belt Certification: These programs will teach you to improve bottom-line business results by flexing the problem-solving muscles of individuals and teams.

3. Black Belt Certification: As you master the Lean Six Sigma material, you’ll become skilled in using quantitative analysis; communication; stakeholder relations; change management; and project leadership as cornerstones to problem solving instead of relying on instincts, intuition, and emotion.

Download the planning guides for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt.

Management & Leadership

Do you need to learn how to manage teams, shape organizational change, transform your business culture, negotiate more effectively, or modernize your sales techniques? Explore management topics and programs to learn how individuals and organizations can achieve a sustainable, competitive advantage by developing supervisory and leadership intangibles that are in high demand.

If you are in management or your organizations leadership and you are ready for growth, we have four certificate options.

1. Foundations of Management: Gain the skills and confidence needed to manage and motivate teams, influence stakeholders, leverage resources, and enhance business processes to meet strategic goals. Make sure you’re ready to make the transition from individual contributor to a people manager.

2. Advanced Management and Leadership: Sharpen your skills and your confidence. You can achieve better career results and become a more productive business contributor when you understand how to leverage relationships, business acumen, change management, and strategy.

3. Executive Leadership: Becoming an effective executive leader requires an evaluation of your leadership purpose and skills; an elevated, all-company view of strategy; and a complete grasp of organizational design and development.

4. Transition to Executive Management: Success at the highest levels of leadership requires a comprehensive knowledge of business and relationship skills. Learn high-level strategy development, finance, operations, marketing, matrix management, negotiation, and talent management.

Download the planning guides for Foundations of Management, Advanced Management and Leadership, and Executive Leadership Certificate.

Learn more about Transition to Executive Management in this brochure.

Project Management

Establish yourself as a great project manager by getting large-scale projects done on time and within budget. Completing the Master’s Certificate in Project Management will give you the skills to organize, prioritize, delegate, and create buy-in from team members to better meet the needs of your organization.

Set yourself apart by gaining the skills you need to:

– Manage large-scale projects

– Implement new methods, tools, and techniques

– Evaluate and improve workflows

The Master’s Certificate in Project Management is helpful to both new and experienced managers, business operations supervisors, and business process improvement teams.

Download the Master’s Certificate in Project Management planning guide.

Technical Leadership Certificate

In partnership with the University of Wisconsin – Madison Department of Engineering Professional Development, we offer the Technical Leadership Certificate for professionals and leaders who want to expand their skill set, improve business processes, and transition from applied, technically-focused disciplines into successful leaders. You’ll set yourself apart by gaining the skills you need to manage technical teams, improve business processes, and manage capital budgets.

Download the Technical Leadership Certificate planning guide.

Take professional development into your own hands with a Professional Development Certificate from the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development. Our planning guides will help you create a path that will have an immediate impact on your career. There is no cost to enroll in a certificate. The CPED team is here to help you along your way and we hope to see you soon.

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