CPED Partners with CharismaQ on Executive Presence Program

business man and woman talking and smiling

The Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development (CPED) is partnering with Wisconsin-based tech start-up CharismaQ to offer an executive presence immersive learning experience.

Confidence is important, not only when it comes to your executive presence and personal brand but also with your communication. Learning to communicate effectively will help you create stronger relationships with the people who matter the most to you – your teams.  

We are excited to announce a partnership between CPED and CharismaQ to offer a program that will help you boost your executive presence and establish yourself as a charismatic and influential professional. 

CharismaQ is a tech-enabled coaching company purpose-built to evaluate, coach, and create charismatic people. This unique and impactful program, Executive Presence – CharismaQ, will help you master the art and science of charisma to accelerate performance and improve business outcomes. 

Enroll in the Program

What You’ll Learn in Executive Presence 

Become a leader your team wants to rally behind. Through this experience you’ll learn how to deliver a clear and compelling message to your teams on all channels, motivate your teams to action with your confidence and enthusiasm, and become a great communicator and charismatic advisor. 

How It Works 

The Executive Presence – CharismaQ program is an immersive experience that consists of 20 microlearning modules completed at your own pace followed by one 60-minute coaching session with one of CharismaQ’s expert coaches. 

The CharismaQ AI-fueled platform will evaluate your presence so you have actionable results to discuss with your coach and advice that can immediately be applied at work. 

Exclusive Partnership Discount 

Through this exclusive partnership between CharismaQ and CPED, register for Executive Presences – CharismaQ through CPED’s website and receive a 20% discount.