A Guide to Successful People-Centered Mergers and Acquisition in Financial Services

Two significant focuses of a merger or acquisition need to be the people and cultural integration of the organizations. 

One of the top reasons mergers and acquisitions fail is because the two merging organizational cultures do not align. Ignoring formal cultural assessments, or failure to address concerns that arise during culture assessments, can lead to an unsuccessful M&A.   

Mergers are also times of uncertainty for existing employees. This is why organizations need to prioritize the people side of the process. 

Financial service organizations considering, preparing to start, or at the beginning of merger or acquisition will benefit from using this guide’s tools and insights to help set the merger or acquisition on a path to success.  

This guide includes: 

  • Keys for preventing failure and creating a path for successful M&A  
  • Culture Integration Checklist 
  • Merger Communications Plan Tool 
  • Key Player Retention Worksheet 

Download the Guide