Professional Development Resources at Home: Webinar Recordings

As you transition to a different work environment, we are here to support your professional growth and development. Below you will find resources to help you deliver great performance reviews, have critical conversations with your employees, and be a more effective leader in these uncertain times. Be sure to check out our blog for more resources. Feel free to share these with your teammates and friends – we’re all getting through this together.

Culture: The Driving Force Behind Your Business Strategy

Culture plays a critical role in the wellbeing of your team members and the success of your organization. With the changing dynamics of our working environments, it’s critical that your workplace culture is protected. This webinar will help you better manage your organization’s culture.

Watch the Culture Webinar

Preparing for Performance Reviews: What to Say and How to Say It Webinar

Are you ready to have reviews with your employees? This 10-minute webinar that will help you quickly prepare and successfully deliver critical feedback. Through the webinar you’ll get phrases, examples, and tips that will help deliver effective performance reviews.

Watch the Performance Review Webinar

Six Conversations: Collaborating with Your Staff to Improve Performance Webinar

To be an effective manager, you need to facilitate the six basic conversations that matter most to your employees and, as it turns out, your organization. This webinar will help you learn to more effectively communicate with your employees.

Watch the Six Conversations Webinar

Thinking About Your Thinking: Understanding the Ladder of Inference Webinar

Especially in these uncertain times, we are under constant pressure to make decisions and act quickly. To expedite our thinking process, we use our beliefs, assumptions, and experiences to process new information. When we do this, we’re running information up our Ladder of Inference and are at risk of jumping to conclusions. To help you better understand the Ladder of Inference and how it impacts your leadership style, check out our webinar recap.

Watch the Ladder of Inference Webinar

Getting Work Done in Virtual Meetings Webinar

Expectations for meetings have dramatically shifted in recent weeks. Virtual meetings are no longer just for checking in; real work is getting done. However, you cannot use the same meeting standards and best practices you used in the office for your virtual meetings and expect to be as productive. This webinar will give you a framework to help you prepare to host more efficient virtual meetings.

Watch the Virtual Meetings Webinar

Working from home doesn’t have to mean taking a break from your professional development. What will you learn next?