75 Stories – Amanda Myers, Accounting Manager

To celebrate 75 years of CPED, we’re publishing 75 Stories about our community. Amanda Myers has been a member of the Fluno Center team since 2014 and will officially become CPED’s new accounting manager in August 2021.


Amanda is a graduate of The Ohio State University. Her undergraduate degree is in fine arts, but she quickly realized she enjoyed working in an office environment and decided to go back to school to earn her MBA in accounting. Shortly after she graduated, she moved back to Wisconsin and started working for Aramark, which is how the Fluno Center came into her life. Amanda has been working on financial operations as the Fluno Center’s controller since then. She officially joined the CPED team in August 2021 as an accounting manager.

“I’m really proud of the work I’ve done and where I’m at in life. I’m very excited about joining the CPED team. I have a unique perspective of knowing this team well already so getting to join them full time is exciting for me. I have never seen a team as positive as the CPED team. They’ve built such a positive, supportive environment and it’s exciting when we all come together.”

Amanda loves spending time with her husband, stepchildren, and their dog when she’s not working. She enjoys reading, crafting, growing house plants, and her first vegetable garden. Amanda is an avid hiker, and she especially enjoys hiking Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail.


While on the Fluno Center staff, Amanda started completing the Foundations of Management Certificate and she needs one more program to complete the certificate. She’s grateful for everything she’s learned during her time at the Fluno Center.

“I absolutely loved taking Manager Boot Camp. Betsy Hagan and Artell Smith are fantastic instructors. Learning more about business operations from the Fluno Center’s general manager Andy Abelman has been valuable to me, too. His understanding of how businesses function and how to help a business through good times and bad has been a great learning experience and he has been a mentor to me in that regard.”

Amanda loves her family and her work, and she has found that taking care of both means leaving her emotions at home whenever she can to focus better on her work. She acknowledges that this is often easier said than done and it takes time to practice, but she hopes all professionals can tap into this practice to have a more efficient workday.

“Leave all of your emotions at home if you can. It’s the best way to let go of your day and be fully present for your family when you’re at home and then be fully present for your team when you’re at work. This has taken a lot of practice, but I am now able to be at work with a clear and focused mind.”

You can discover more about Manager Boot Camp and the Foundations of Management Certificate by visiting our website. Find more stories from the CPED community in the 75th anniversary section of our blog.