Perspectives From a Manager Boot Camp Graduate

Individuals who receive formal training, such as CPED’s Manager Boot Camp, have a deeper understanding of the role, improved communication skills, more effective feedback methods, improved conflict resolution, and the skills to manage effectively during times of change.

How to Help Your Employees Solve Problems

Working in a remote environment makes it harder to know what’s expected of you and what problems you can solve on your own. Being able to develop your team so they’re confident problem solvers is an asset. Here’s what you need to know.

75 Stories – Chuck West, CPED Instructor

Chuck West was a member of the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development team as an instructor from 1970 to 2002. In 2002, Chuck became CPED’s program director for sales, management, and leadership programs until his retirement in 2017.

Six Conversations: Collaborating with Your Staff to Improve Performance [Webinar Recording]

To be an effective manager, you need to facilitate six basic conversations that matter most to your employees and, as it turns out, your organization. Author and CPED instructor Steve King shares a framework that will help you have more effective conversations with your employees.