75 Stories – Chuck West, CPED Instructor

Chuck West was a member of the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development team as an instructor from 1970 to 2002. In 2002, Chuck became CPED’s program director for sales, management, and leadership programs until his retirement in 2017.

Flexing Your Leadership Style Using Emotional Intelligence

A leader’s ability to successfully flex between leadership styles is rooted in emotional intelligence. When you understand the connection between emotional intelligence and contextual leadership, you can pause in the moment to evaluate which leadership style is needed to reframe the situation and find the best solution.

Time to Think: The Importance of Introspection in Leadership

When leaders lead by crisis management, often a root cause is a lack of introspection – an absence of personal and strategic think time. This includes time to think about the future, time to plan, and time to consider what is most important. One way that executives can explore this phenomenon is by reviewing their calendar. When do they think? Do they have time, their most precious commodity, blocked on their calendar for introspection?

75 Stories – Sergio Valletti, Majority Owner and Managing Director at Terranova SRL

This year marks our 75th Anniversary. To celebrate, we’re publishing 75 stories about members of our community. Sergio Valletti is the majority owner and managing director of Terranova SRL. He came to CPED in the spring of 2019 to complete his Advanced Management and Leadership Certificate.